From: Ece.

To: Miguel.

Hello my baeee, While waiting for you to come back I thought of why I shouldn’t write a letter for youuuu coz I love youuuu mucho muchoo Actually I don’t really know how to write a letter but I’m trying my best hereeee. I’m really happy that I met you. Actually I really wonder what kind of anti-sin I have done to be able to meet a person like you and having you as my boyfriend.I really feel complete with you bae you know ? I really love being with you oof actually mucho muchooo and and I like thinking about you while listening to our playlist.and and I’m always gonna be with you bae like I’m so happy like oof. I can’t wait to be with youuuu I’m gonna hug you, kiss you and cuddle youuu. I’m soo happy that I’m gonna spend rest of my life with you, like being with you, having Miguelito’s and Ecesita and our pets a.k.a all the zoo even though of it makes me muy feliz.heyyy i have a idea can you copy paste this to the webpage? So even tiny Mert’s tiny tiny Merts can see it. Even we have long distance relationship, I really feel close to you, I’m so comfortable with you like I really feel that you’re the one.So I’m gonna do my best to show you how much I love you, to make you feel how special you are, I’m gonna do my best to be a great novia. I can’t wait to give you Tuzlu Kahve. It been almost 100 days since we met you know ? Time went too fast with you mi amor but worth it. Every second that I spend with you worth it. and it been 9 weeks since you’re my novio and I can’t explain how much love and happiness I felt. I’m gonna keep doing my best for you like even when I get mad you’re still there oof this is kinda secret but still YOLOOO lmao baby when I say or act like I’m mad I’m generally not coz feeling that you’re with me no matter what makes me feel safe (I said generally coz that time you left with out saying anything I get mad coz I was worried about my baby or when you downgrade yourself like DONT YOU KNOW HOW PERFECT YOU ARE but yea out of it. It’s more like acting or joke ) you’re the one of the most kind person I have ever met. Like BABY YOURE AMAZINGG. oof actually this is kinda creepy but I like looking at your pics or videos while we call IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE YOURE WITH ME OKAY A aaaa oof and you can’t even imagine the big smile I have while looking at your pictures and talking to you. lmao it may be big as when I’m listening to our playlist. Oof like I don’t want to make it long coz if I make it long then you’ll call me after you read so I don’t wanna wait but I wanna make it long coz I really love youuuu Okay okay then lastly I want to say that I really love you sooo much and I’m sooo happy with you I know that you’re the one and it’s perfect for me I’ll love you for ever baby yes forever.