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The alphabet got it wrong, but the keyboard is right. Take a look at your phone keyboard and you will see that “U” and “I” are placed next to each other.❤️

Ece's Letter

Journal of how I felt and what I did while waiting for my bae...

The lover's gallery!

We may be far away, but we feel so close, no matter the distance...



MiguEce... Have a great day!
Remember that I love you, forever...
My one and only...

Want another fact? Here:

The fact of the day!

Heyyy! How are you? So don't have a normal day, have a nice day! Yup?.

I dont know if you'r going to see these webpage changes hehe, but it doesn't matter I'll keep writing here.

[Update: 4/24/2020]

Well you told me that you are going to see the changes hehe, if I have time I may be updating it everyday!

I really enjoy being with you, you may have notice that.

I have been sending you some signals, I dont know if you get them; anyway here is another signal.

[Update: 04/24/2020]

I'm not good sending signals (OOF), but idk you are going to read this, and you already know that.

Also in complements (OOF), I'm doing my best, ok?xd


You are my girlfriend!!!

And it was an awesome surprise!

Oof I feel a lot of things that I don't know how to describe them...uwu

[Update: 05/03/2020]



Since I met you I felt something special (A connection?) that it makes me love you more; yourself makes me want to talk to you everyday, also because it makes me really happy being with you.

Pizza pizza pizza, pizza pizza pizza

I want to be with you and see you all the day, just watching each other eyes... and lips... we may also watch some movies or some Gumball, hehe...

I'm really thankful that you found me! I really love you and I really love the way that you are with me. (Actually I love it a LOT!)


Always when I'm with you and we talk I feel like the first time that we met and talk...



Mi amor I really love being with you, and I'm really sure that I will still love forever; also since I met you the time that we spend together has passed so fastt like I relly enjoy the time we spend together, totally worth it!

I want to spend my whole life with you because you always make me feel complete. Also in all these time you never give up on me and it make me feel more loved because you accepted me about how I am, and it maked me feel more connected to you...


It's been 1 year since we met... It has been the best year, and more because I spend it with the person I really love, mwah.


We have been dating for 1 year!!! YEAAAAYYYYYY! I am sooooo in love with youuuu! The best day of my life is when you let me be part of your life! Seriously you are so awesome and smart! And you are the best girlfriend ever! mwaaaah! So I write you a letter that you can see it clicking here!

Here a list of things I like about you:

lmao and other things but then I would write a lotxd

But since my queen want a real list here you go!

Things that I like about you and about being with you:

2020, Thing I love about of and of being with you...

2021, All our love in 1 year...

Don't worry if its not to much, because I'm just getting started.

I will love you until:




This website is a form to show how grateful I'm for having such a wonderful girlfriend...