Here is to write about how I felt and what I did in the 2 weeks without bae...

Day 1: [JULY/04/2020]

So I wake up at same hour 6am, and I sent you some messages, and I waited and you didn't answer, I was waiting in case you had internet in that moment, then I put 2 alarms one in 15min and other in 30min so I'll wake up in that hour to see if you were there, then you didn't answer in both, so I said "Okay I'll just sleep tiny and then I'll study" but as always I didn't sleep tiny ksafnksds, and wake up at 10:30am (OOF, pretty late), I had a dream where we were eating döner or like a big taco (more probably döner) and when I wake up I was so happy because it was so real; then I had my breakfast, I sent you some messages and snap, then at 12:00pm my classes, I could only think about you... Them eating, after that I didn't know what to do so I watch movies with Hector and Carlos, then pool timee! and after that go to sleep thinking in you...

You are really my reason to wake up early, like I was thinking that if I wake up early I'll study and do things, but like it wasn't the same like with you that I can wake up easily...

I love you!

Day 2:[JULY/05/2020]

I wake up at 7:30 and sent you some message, then I watch 1 chapter of an anime and went back to sleep, so suddently when I was sleeping it was already 11:30am or something like that and I heard my phone, it was a phone call from the love of my life! so we call, at first I was confused and I was thinking it was a dream and then I heard you and I was SO HAPPY but confused at the same time dslfns and then we end the call and eat my breakfast, I practice some guitar and then I made a tiny drawing for you!...

Btw I realise how lucky I am, by having you as my girlfriend, like you are the girl of my dreams, and I realise how much you love me and in reality that I will love you forever because of how you are, and nothing will change my love to you, NOTHING!

I love you!

Day 3: [JULY/06/2020]

So I "wake up" at 6:00 am and then I sent you some messages, I waited, and then I went back to sleep,then I keep sleeping and for my luck you call me and I wake up really happy and quick, then we talked, when we end the call I went to down stairs to eat eat eat, and then I waited tiny tiny in case you call me again, and then Anne told us to do excercise with her, and I was like okay, but then oof it was like an hour and a half, it really took a lot of time, that it was already almost 3:00pm, then I eat eat eat, and play some videogames, then my dad told us to exercise and I was like ñoooo I don't want jsdksnfs, but It was okay because it was like 1 hour and it was quick, so then It was pool time, and then house time dkfjs so I watch some youtube and thinking about you... And now writing about you!

I love you!

Day 4: [JULY/07/2020]

So my alarm sound at 6am but I just check the phone and saw that you haven't seen my messages, and let the phone still with the sound in case you call, and then I wake up around 7:30 and eat eat eat, then I went back to my room and tried to sleep tiny tiny, and then you call me! so we call and then when you end it I went downstairs and watch movies with Hector and Carlos, then I make some excercise and in internet I entered to a course about learning how to learn, it sounds dumb dskfjsk but seriously I need to learn by my self, because its kinda hard for me; then I write this, and now I think I'm gonna study and go to eat eat eat and probably fall asleep...

I love you!

Day 5: [JULY/08/2020]

My alarm sound at 6am but I saw that you didn't answered so I wated but I fell asleep asdkfjs, then I wake up dreaming that you saw my messages but no replay, so then I wake up and I checked but you didn't saw my messages, so then I sleep a tiny tiny more fdjks, and wake up again and eat eat eat, then I really didn't wanted to make something this day I wasn't motivated, why?, because my mona lisa (Ece) wasn't there, so no motivation dfsjks, then I made some popcorns because why nottt, then I had my guitar class, when it finished I went to the backyard to make exercise and when I get back I watched some youtube and now I'm gonna sleepppp...

Also you are my motivation to do things... that's why I say that I feel like a Leonardo da Vinci with you, because you are like my mona lisa...

I love you!

Day 6: [JULY/09/2020]

I didn't heard my alarm, I think Sergio turn it off, and then I heard m second alarm at 7:30, and wake up but went back to sleep, I end up waking up at 10:00am, so I wake up and eat eat eat, then I watch youtube with Hector, and then make exercise and then I sleep tiny tiny, wake up, and then I went to the backard for the pool, and then I end the day doing a tiny lamp that has like a signature that says "M & E", It was kinda late so I fell asleep really quick!

Everytime I think about you I always say that I hope you are having a great day, or I hope you are sleeping well!

I love you!

Day 7: [JULY/10/2020]

I wake up at around 10am because you call me and I LOVE IT!, and then when you end and I waited an hour dfslks, because I really miss you ok?uwu, then I went to eat eat eat, and then I decide to finish the tiny lamp, but it was harder than I expected and it took me lot of time, hehe. Then we watched a movie and the light went of for some minutes so we decide to make exercise, and then I study because I'm gonna have exam tomorrow, and then eat eat eat again, and now writing this for you!

Also I notice that I think about you all the time I'm doing exercise

I love you!

Day 8: [JULY/11/2020]

So I wake up at 6am and I sent you some messages, then I went back to sleep and wake up at 11:30am! I was in PANIK because in just 30 minutes the class will start, so I eat eat eat my breakfast kinda fast, then I enter to the class and then it finish at 3pm and then I watch some movies with Hector and Carlos, and then we made exercise, and then I start reading some, and finally when I start being sleepy I just fell asleep fsksas.

And I couldn't stop thinking about you... I even had different dreams about you!

I love you!

Day 9: [JULY/12/2020]

So I wake up kinda late again and then you call me! and it made my day the best, then I went to play some xbox with Hector and Carlos, and then we watched some movies, and then I sent you snaps and messages and fell asleep!

Like I really didn't knew what to do...

I love you!

Day 10: [JULY/13/2020]

I wake up like at 10am and I saw that you haven't answered so I wait tiny tiny and then I went back to sleep dskjs, and eat eat eat, and then I start reading about the online class about learning, and then I watched some youtube, also almost all the day I spend my time doing tidy because I was kinda bored and also because I like doing tidy because why nottt...And now I'm writing for my bae!

You inspire me to do things, like reading or learning things, because when you are not with me its like I don't want, and when you are with me I really want to SDFLAS I don't understand me adskfja, but yea that is why I say you are my Mona Lisa...

I love you!

Day 11: [JULY/14/2020]

Wake up when you call me and then I eat eat my breakfast and then I start being so in love, like I felt butterflies in my chest it was OWOWO, and then I say "Maybe you will call in some" so I put the volume up in call and wait wait wait and then I had the great idea of sleep tiny tiny, then I wake up really confused and I thought it was just one hour but NO it was 3 hours dskfjs and then I sent you some more messages, and went to eat eat eat, then I don't know why but I felt so tired and then I made exercise with Anne and Hector and Carlos, I still felt tired, then Anne asked me if I wanted to meditate with her and I said why ñot but then I also fell asleep like 2 hours fdskls, and then I eat eat eat again and watch a movie with some popcorns and then now I'm writing for you my bae!

Btw my mom and dad know that I love you OWO, or I think, because like when I wake up they told me that it's because I'm in love with you and because I haven't talk to you in a while and THAT'S TURE SKDFJNKS, so I just made like a tiny laugh and continue eatinggg, but yeah I think they know:O

I love you!

Day 12: [JULY/15/2020]

So I waked up at 10am to eat my breakfast and then to clean outside, the backyard and the pool. When we finish cleaning all of that I start using duolingo and and read some webpages to learn Turkish. Then I had my guitar classes it was like and hour and half.. then I record a video for youu about it, After that I went to eat eat eat and some time later we made exercise it was like an hour. After all that Anne came back from the store and we help her to put the things she bought where it belong. Then I watched some videos and kept studing Turkish and then I sent you some messages and snaps. And finally writing this for youuu and going to sleep in some!😗

I love you!

Day 13: [JULY/16/2020]

So I wake up at 6am and 8am and finally I wake up 12pm:(, because I just wanted to be with you so I waited for you to call me or answer my messages, and so I just waked up and check and fell asleep and check again, anyway I wake up at 12pm asdkfs and then I ate my "breakfast" (It was already kinda late), then I decide to study some Turkish, so I study but then I had to do some tidy, and then some exercise, and when I get back inside I watched some anime, then I get bored, so I decide to rad and check the webpage and fix some details, also I was thinking what else to add, and now I think I'm gonna eat and go to sleep...

I love you!

Day 14: [JULY/17/2020]

So I wake up at 12pm again, but I check the phone at 6am and then every 1 hour, but you didn't answered or called:O, so I wake up eat my breakfast, then I help my Anne in the kitchen, then I decide to continue with the electronic project that its gonna be a power supply! for electronic project! and then it took me long time because I was thinking what else I can do... Then I read tiny tiny and went back to study Turkish! then I spend long time thinking what to add to the webpage and I came with the idea of a "Lover's gallery!" basically what we have done in pictures! and I was thinking that our tiny Mert's are gonna see it in the future!... Finally at the end of the day I went to the backyard and went to the pool... and now writing this for the love of my life and going to sleep in some!

And now its been 2 weeks and 3 days in a row that I haven't talk to you:(, it feels werird:0, and also I feel worried...

I love you!

Day 15: [JULY/18/2020]

I wake up at 5:45am because I dream with you and wake up because I tought you were there... Then I waited... Then I went back to sleep and wake up at 8am because of Sergio's online classes but I just covered my face with the blanket and start having a sleep paralysis and Sergio wake me up because I start making noices asdkjs, then I went back to sleep because I was hoping you to call me... Then I wake up at 11:30am so I eat eat eat quick and then I had my class, then I watch some youtube... Then I went outside and be there and also for reading... then I get back inside, sleep tiny tiny and watch a movie and finally be here writing for you... And sleeping in someee.

I wasn't inspired and my mood was kinda down because all I wanted is being with you...

I love you!